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 Hot Issues...Critical Links

High Voltage Transmission Line


The web site about the proposed high voltage transmission line in Wisconsin, the organization is called Save Our Unique Lands, SOUL.


"Just Energy" a web site about Manitoba Hydro's Dam Disaster

Environment/Mining --
In Wisconsin & the Great Lakes 


Lake Superior Alliance

Midwest Treaty Network

Mining Impact Coalition of Wisconsin Inc.

Wolf Watershed Education Project

No Crandon Mine

Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN)

Wisconsin Stewardship Network  

Midwest Environmental Advocates

Northern Thunder

River Alliance of Wisconsin

Sierra Club - John Muir Chapter

Wisconsin's Environmental Decade Clean Wisconsin


Great Lakes United

Some Chums......friends of Niijii


The finest Native owned community radio station on the planet, heard live around the world. (tune into their web site, listen to them,and maybe send them a few bucks)

News From Indian Country

The News From Indian Country is a twice-monthly, independent, Indian-owned newspaper supplying national news, pow-wow dates, and information to all of Indian Country.

Fighting Bob

This web site is a daily necessity for progressives.

Skip Jones

Musician, storyteller (and fine human, a good friend of Walter's)

Jim Northrup,

Poet, playwriter, humorist, writer (and winner of the Walt Bresette look alike contest)

Milt and Jamie Lee, Oyate Productions

amazing audio productions featuring Native performers from throughout the US and Canada (good friends who are good teachers)

In the United States & the World 


Project Underground

Global Warming Issues

Corporate Watch

Defenders of Wildlife

Earth Island Institute

Earth Vision


EcoNet's Resources for Mining Activists


Environmental Defense Fund

Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

United States Fish & Wildlife Service

League of Conservation Voters Environmental Scorecard

Mineral Policy Center

Multinational Monitor

National Center for Environmental Publications

Natural Life

Nuclear Issues

The Nature Conservancy

Natural Resources Defense Council

National Wildlife Federation

The Need to Know Library - Ecology and Environment Page

Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly

Where You Live - Environmental Working Group

Wildlands Project